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Welcome to the Tenerife Stables Czech Republic

New horses

  • Acanto Blue

    Oldenburg, 2012, Gelding
    Acantus x
    jumper, hunter
  • Costa Rica

    German WB, 2012, Mare
    Korano B x
  • Christie

    CZWB, 2008, Mare
    Lordano x Papilion
  • Shakespeare

    KWPN, 2004, Stallion
    Sibon W x Jumpy des Fontaines
  • Alegretto

    KWPN, 2005, Gelding
    Indoctro x
    jumper 1.45m+
  • Calorda

    Holsteiner, 2008, Mare
    Calido x Lord Calando
    jumper 1.30m+
  • Lombard

    Czech warmblood, 2000, Mare
    Dressage St.Georges
  • Cascavello/Corny

    Sachsen Anhalt, 2001, Gelding
    Carismo x Florestan I
    Dressage IM
  • Monte Bondone

    Westfale, 2005, Gelding
    Mozaic x
    jumper, dressage
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