Our Team

Svatia Zaplatilova
Manager, Sales, Training

We always have a variety of high-quality sport horses ranging from horses in training to Grand-Prix class horses for sell. The collection of about 30 horses is available to see and try in our barn anytime.
There are hundreds of horses successfully sold in our history to more than 22 countries of the world and we are more than happy for our business network which is still growing.

Moreover we do brokering sale of sport horses on behalf of their owners. These horses are located at their owner’s barns where they are available. All the horses are hand-picked and tried out before appearing on our website by our team to avoid any disappointment and keep your trust.

Seeing the horses in person
With us you get everything from one source. Counselling, fair horse presentation, book your hotel room, pick up from the airport, and over the complete purchase procedure including vet check and transport. Your visit will be individually planned for you and will certainly be an unforgettable experience. We are available by phone for you.

Buying off video
If you cannot waste your time by traveling, you can buy the horse over the video record as many of our clients did. All the horses are presented on our videos by realistic way to see not only their good points but also with their mistakes to show you true picture of the scale of training. Also here after your decision we will arrange for you the vet check, assist with the payment and manage the shipping.

If you plan to have your horse trained and sold in order to increase its value, the Tenerifestables is the right choice because of its international contacts. As a rule, each horse which arrives at the Tenerifestables receives individual and diligent training. After completing this training, Tenerifestables will market the sport horse internationally. We will gladly present your horse at tournaments to prove its performance.

Export Care
We have a year’s experience with the horses shipping all over the world therefore you can benefit from our assistance with blood tests, departure quarantine, health certificates along with arranging the arrival quarantine at your country.